Can American-born musicians learn to play your music? Obo Addy

Obo AddyPhoto courtesy Susan Addy Ghanaian-born master drummer, teacher and composerBased in Portland OR Ghanaian music takes a long time to learn. Americans can learn to play this music, but only if they have a very good teacher and if they are willing to take the time to do it. There are some people who […]

View from the West: Recent Trends and Events

Dean SuzukiPhoto by Ryan Suzuki That the West is a haven for musical iconoclasts and has a dynamic new music community is made manifest when one takes a close look at some of the activities of musicians as well as the organizations which support, present and otherwise champion contemporary work. The San Francisco Bay Area […]

Terry Riley: Obsessed and Passionate About All Music

A drawing of Terry Riley

launch gallery Terry Riley in conversation with Frank J. Oteri@ the Wortham Theater Center, Houston, TX February 16, 2001 Transcribed by Julia Lu 1. Earliest Musical Experiences 2. Studying Composition and Discovering Jazz 3. The Birth of Minimalism and In C 4. Studying Indian Music 5. Solo Keyboard Improvisations 6. Just Intonation 7. String Quartets […]

The Asian Connection

Iris BrooksPhoto by Kevin Misevis, courtesy Iris Brooks As both a musician and writer I have been drawn to Asia like a magnet for many years. It is not merely the exotic sounds of the hypnotic instruments that lure me in, but a more all-pervasive aesthetic, incorporating space and grace in the sounds and intent […]

Soundtracks: June 2001

For various periods of time since high school, I have found myself trying to “be” Asian, as silly as that may sound. I suppose that having grown up “above average” (to use Garrison Keillor’s words) and white in the ‘burbs, there is nothing unusual about that; many of my closest friends have been (and continue […]

Can American-born musicians learn to play your music?

Obo Addy“…There are some people who just learn a couple of phrases from somebody and then start telling people that they are playing Ghanaian music…” Ali Akbar Khan“In the history of America, people never had a chance to learn or hear Indian music, so this has been a completely new thing for them…” Jin Hi […]

What Makes You Attend A Concert, Part II

Back in the September 2000 issue of NewMusicBox (not yet, as of this writing, converted to the archive), under Hymn & Fuguing Tune, we had a thread going called ‘What Makes You Attend A Concert,’ which was kind of a prelude to the ‘Iz You In Napster?’ thread. (The old thread is still on the […]

Does the Orchestra Have A Future?

Over the years, I’ve been fortunate to have long-term partnerships with several outstanding orchestral conductors who have commissioned, performed and recorded my music. This has had a profound influence on my work. Several of my best pieces are for orchestra. And I think in essentially orchestral colors and textures. Still, lately I’ve been moving away […]