How to preserve the legacy of important American composers after they die Cecile Bazelon, Widow of Irwin Bazelon (1922-1995)

Cecile and Irwin BazelonPhoto courtesy Cecile Bazelon When an American composer dies, too often his music dies with him. I had heard Bud lament this fact many times. An unexpected inheritance from his Aunt Ethabelle in the late ’80s enabled him to continue recording his works. No matter how fast technology changes, with CDs it […]

View from the West: New Music Ensembles, Composers, and Commissions

Dean SuzukiPhoto by Ryan Suzuki Commissions and residencies have been a way of life for composers since time immemorial. Just recently, on the twentieth anniversary of the premiere of Harmonium, the first commissioned work by then Composer-In-Residence John Adams, the San Francisco Symphony announced a long-term commissioning relationship with the composer. Over the next ten […]

View from the East: Kitschometer

Greg Sandow I’ve been listening to a splashy and not very wonderful (though in the end instructive) CD – The Music of Peter Boyer, a collection of orchestral works released this year by Koch. Boyer is an ambitious 31-year-old, who, his press kit says, is "fast becoming one of the most prominent young American composers." […]

What’s It All About?


Music is written in order to transcend the visual and verbal boundaries of rhetoric, but how this is achieved is a point of contention for many composers, musicians and scholars.

Ingram Marshall: Today’s Music Tomorrow

Self portrait by Ingram MarshallPhoto courtesy Nonesuch Records Frank J. Oteri visits the home ofIngram Marshall in Hamden, CT Tuesday, July 17, 2001, 1:00 p.m. Interview Videotaped and Transcribed by Amanda MacBlane Tape Music vs. Score-Based Music Musical Boundaries From Fog Tropes to Hymnodic Delays Working with Other Musicians The Orchestra Recordings Promotion and Documentation […]

Finding your voice

As a young composer (25), I am just beginning to come to terms with the struggle of finding my own voice in composition and allowing that voice to grow, mature and evolve. Imitation seems to be the beginning stage of finding your voice, finding composers you admire, assimilating some of their ideas and writing. But […]

Your Career or Your Life

From mid-adolescence on, I never had any doubt that I’d be a composer. But the whole concept of having a career didn’t really dawn on me until I was almost forty.