Meet The Composer Awards 5 New Residencies Grants

Meet The Composer has awarded three-year New Residencies grants to five American composers, the latest round in a national program that integrates the composers and their music into urban and rural communities nationwide. When announcing the residencies, Meet The Composer President Heather Hitchens commented: “Through New Residencies, music of lasting value has emerged to help […]

BMI Celebrates 2001 Student Composer Award-Winners

Winners of the 2001 BMI Student Composer Awards with BMI President Frances Preston and composer Milton Babbitt, Chairman of the AwardsPhoto by Gary Gershoff, courtesy of BMI Nine young composers, ranging in age from 15 to 26, have been named winners in the 49th Annual BMI Student Composer Awards. They were recognized for “superior creative […]

View from the West: New Music on Record

Dean SuzukiPhoto by Ryan Suzuki That the worth of record labels specializing in experimental music is invaluable would be difficult to argue against. While live performances may be the best way to experience music, recordings, which may be heard through such media as radio and the Internet, in addition to home, automobile and portable audio […]

View from the East: Enough Nostalgia?

Greg SandowPhoto by Melissa Richard It was such a New York night. There we were, “we” being an audience of several hundred, in the shadow, the valley, or, better, the notch between the two twin thrusts of the World Trade Center towers. And from the stage in front of us roared the music of Glenn […]

Age: Does It Matter?

D.C. Culbertson over the yearsFinal photo by Mark Longaker, others unknown By D.C. Culbertson© 2001 NewMusicBox “Act your age!” “Age is nothing but a number.” “With age comes wisdom.” “He looks good for his age.” People talk a lot about age. They speak of golden years, midlife crises, middle-age spread, callow youth, being young at […]

Nothing to Fear?


When looking at the influence that age has on a composer there are several things to keep in mind so that we don’t get lazy and fall into the ruthless trap of overgeneralization; advice that should also be observed when reading Ayn Rand novels.

When did first you know that you would be a composer and what is the earliest work that you still acknowledge?

Lori Dobbins“…when I was an undergraduate studying music at San Jose State University…I realized that I was keenly interested in the structure and language(s) of music…and needed to develop a deeper understanding of composition, and of music in general…” Andrew Imbrie“…I became a Wagner fan. I got to be very interested in the ‘Ring’. That […]