Cage Performance to Run Longer Than Cats

Timeline of the scoreImage courtesy of John Cage in Halberstadt At the stroke of midnight on September 5, 2001, a performance of John Cage‘s ORGAN2/ASLSP (As Slow As Possible) began in the small German town of Halberstadt. Taking Cage at his word, it is not scheduled to conclude for another 639 years. The performance began […]

Can orchestral music and electronic sound comfortably coexist? Deborah Borda, Managing Director, Los Angeles Philharmonic Association

Deborah BordaPhoto by Michael Childers, courtesy Los Angeles Philharmonic There is no question that the Internet, electronic manipulation of orchestral sound, and multimedia presentation are issues that symphony orchestras must explore. At the LA Philharmonic, we have experimented with sophisticated electronic sound design in working with John Adams, we have added film and other visual […]

Can orchestral music and electronic sound comfortably coexist? Joshua Cohen, Contributing Editor, Sequenza21

Joshua CohenPhoto courtesy Joshua Cohen To intermingle the orchestra with electronic sound or not to intermingle is not the question. At least not the question that interests me. The discussion may better be framed in the context of compositional choices rather than aesthetic territory. Any composition is the result of choices made; at any level […]

Composer Calling: Cell Phone Symphony Premieres

A mirror reflects the “performers”, who are also the audience in Levin’s DialtonesPhoto courtesy When the cell phones started ringing during a performance at an electronic arts festival in Linz, Austria, the conductor didn’t storm off the stage in a rage. He was the one making the calls. “Dialtones: A Telesymphony,” was given it’s premiere […]

Live Jazz Fills City by the Bay

San Francisco Jazz Festival Founder and Executive Director, Randall KlinePhoto courtesy of SFJAZ At the end of the month, SFJAZZ kicks off its 19th annual San Francisco Jazz Festival, presenting a range of live performances from classic jazz to the avant-garde, tributes to legendary artists, and premiere performances of specially commissioned works. The festival performances […]

Can orchestral music and electronic sound comfortably coexist? Laurie Spiegel, composer

Laurie SpiegelPhoto by Joel Chadabe, courtesy Laurie Spiegel Certainly the two media coexist extremely well, because they are complementary in many aspects of compositional process, realized result, socio-economics of availability, presentation venue, etc. If you have an orchestra, why would you need electronic sound sources? To do whatever an orchestra can’t, because by now they […]

View From the East: Music in a Time of War

Greg Sandow In the wake of our disaster, I want to ask why music moves us so much. “Music is the nutrition of the soul,” I heard Zarin Mehta say about a week after the events as he introduced a memorial performance of the Brahms Requiem by the New York Philharmonic. “Music is the soul […]