Time Present and Time Past Are Both Perhaps Present in Time Future.

Frank J. OteriPhoto by Melissa Richard Standard repertoire apologists who are loathe to acknowledge the scarcity of new music in orchestral programs or on the radio frequently make the claim that for people who’ve never heard the music of Mozart or Beethoven, their music is new music. This line of reasoning has always struck me […]

Are composers who use early music techniques writing new music?

Dennis Busch“Who attends performances of modern music? A handful of curiosity seekers. The general public are at home and they are listening to Bach, Beethoven, and Brahms (and hopefully Busch)…” Elodie Lauten“As far as Baroque compositional style is concerned, I don’t use typical theme-development or counterpoint schemes. The only Baroque style quote is a brief […]

Richard Einhorn: Yesterday Is Not Today

Richard Einhorn Editor Frank J. Oteri visits Richard Einhorn at his studio. New York City — Friday, August 10, 2001, 2:00 P.M. Interview Videotaped and Transcribed by Amanda MacBlane New Music and Old Music The Hermetically Sealed Classical Music Community Schoenberg’s Legacy The Cutting Edge New Music in Older Styles New Music for Early Music […]

View From The East: Moving Music

Greg Sandow I was deeply moved when I heard the premiere of Ingram Marshall‘s Kingdom Come, played by the American Composers Orchestra in 1997, and I wasn’t alone. The piece got an ovation. I left the concert with two members of the ACO’s board. Both had been as touched as I was; one said he’d […]

What I Did on My Summer Vacation


The amount of music attempting to capture the culture of a specific geographical region is quite remarkable. This August, I embarked on a sonic road trip, as several American composers led me across this great American soundscape.

While the Music Lasts

…you are the musicWhile the music lasts. —T.S. Eliot, “The Dry Salvages” As composers and performers, our work is to make the music—to be the music while the music lasts. Rightfully, we’re usually concerned with what’s happening in our music right now: How are things going with that new piece we’re working on? Where and […]

Jon Magnussen’s E-mail Correspondence with Molly Sheridan

Molly Sheridan corresponded by email with Magnussen to find out more about his plans for the residency in addition to asking him a few philosophical questions about being a composer. A transcript of that exchange appears here. MOLLY SHERIDAN: The artist-in-residence position at the Institute seems like an amazing opportunity for a composer to both […]

Repertoire submitted by award winning orchestras

San Francisco Symphony John Adams El Niño John Adams The Chairman Dances John Adams Lollapalooza John Adams Shaker Loops John Adams Grand Pianola Music George Benjamin Palimpsest Luciano Berio Requies John Cage Dance/4 Orchestras David Carlson Dreamkeepers: Symphonic Sequences Elliott Carter Two Diversions Elliott Carter Retrouvailles Elliott Carter 90+ Peter Maxwell Davies Cross Lane Fair […]

The MP3 Phenomena and Innovative Music Webliography

Books: Bettig, Ronald V. 1996. Copyrighting Culture: The Political Economy of Intellectual Property. Boulder, CO: Westview Press. Hacker, Scot. 2000. MP3: The Definitive Guide. Sebastopol, CA: O’Reilly & Associates. Hull, Geoffrey P. 1998. The Recording Industry. Boston : Allyn and Bacon. Rathbone, Andy. 1999. MP3 for Dummies. Foster City, CA: IDG Books Worldwide. Focus Groups: […]