Fromm Music Foundation at Harvard Commissions Thirteen

The Fromm Music Foundation at Harvard University has singled out thirteen composers from over 200 applicants to receive 2001 Fromm commissions, the Board of Directors has announced. The $10,000 commissions represent one of the principal ways the foundation seeks to fulfill its mission “to strengthen composition and to bring contemporary music closer to the public.” […]

Lisa Schiff Named J@LC Chairman

J@LC’s new Chairman Lisa Schiff with Bruce MacCombie, Executive Director, and Wynton Marsalis, Artistic DirectorPhoto by Frank Stewart, courtesy Jazz at Lincoln Center Jazz at Lincoln Center‘s Board of Directors has unanimously elected longtime member Lisa Schiff as the organization’s new chairman of the Board, effective immediately. She succeeds previous J@LC Chairman R. Theodore Ammon, […]

American Mavericks

Courtesy University of California Press [Ed. note—Released in December, the University of California Press has issued American Mavericks: Visionaries, Pioneers, Iconoclasts, with an accompanying CD. The high-gloss, picture loaded book is both a record of the San Francisco Symphony festival of the same name and a catalogue of the American Mavericks who shaped the 20th […]

Harrison Recognized as MA Composer of the Year

Photo by David Harsany Lou Harrison has been named Composer of the Year by Musical America. He was honored, along with the year’s other category winners, at a Carnegie Hall reception in December. The prestigious Musician of the Year went to British conductor Simon Rattle; Midori, Instrumentalist of the Year; René Pape, Vocalist of the […]

What’s your ideal performance space? Phil Kline

Photo by Tom Jarmusch The funny thing is that we have these places called concert halls, erected for the purpose of hearing serious art music, temples of culture which loom large in matters of civic pride and identity, and the first answer to the question of where is the best place to hear new music […]

What’s your ideal performance space? Mary Jane Leach

Photo by Marion Ettlinger I don’t believe that there is just one type of performance space that works best with new music. Just as there are many styles of new music composition, so are there different spaces that work best with them. For my music, I want a reverberant space, but not too reverberant. I […]

What’s your ideal performance space? Amy Denio

Amy DenioPhoto courtesy Amy Denio I have been playing and listening to new music around the world for the past 15 years and have come across hundreds of different venues and situations for listening, all of which offer unique advantages and problems for both the player and the listener. For music involving purely acoustic instruments, […]

What’s your ideal performance space? Sarah Rothenberg

Sarah RothenbergPhoto by Christian Steiner Over the years I’ve noticed that the space in which one plays new music can have a big effect on how the audience responds. Of course, some of this may be due to the fact that certain spaces attract certain audiences, and if I add that some of my favorite […]

View From Florida: What is Art Music?

Orlando Jacinto GarciaPhoto by Rafael Salazar As we enter the next century the music world can seem a bit confusing. Twenty-five years ago what was considered the Western Art music canon consisted of music from either Antiquity or the Renaissance through the Baroque, Classical, Romantic, and into the 20th century. The music called by many […]

View From Philadelphia: Where are the venues for new music in Philadelphia?

Thaddeus Squire Where are the venues for new music in Philadelphia? Good question. To discuss the lack of venues for the contemporary performing arts in Philadelphia at the moment is—literally—a monumental irony. December 15 marks the opening of the Regional Performing Arts Center (a.k.a. RPAC—no relation to NJPAC), Philadelphia’s newest, largest, most anticipated, celebrated, and […]