View from the West: Whither Text-Sound Composition?

Dean SuzukiPhoto by Ryan Suzuki From time to time, starting as early as the mid-1960s, perhaps earlier, there have been flurries of activity in the world of text-sound composition or sound poetry among composers, but it seems that new work has dropped off in recent years, or at least there seems to be a void […]

View From The East: Blinded by Prestige

Greg Sandow Not long ago I heard the Cleveland Orchestra play a Harrison Birtwistle piece in Carnegie Hall. This was a New York premiere, with an enticing title, The Shadow of Night, and I didn’t care for it, which maybe doesn’t matter—in searching for Birtwistle on the Web, I found some short pieces on the […]

Boom Times for the Art Song: A HyperHistory of Poetry and Music

Johanna Keller “New York has always been a hotbed of new things going on and right now it’s the song. I think we’re having a little golden age here. Or maybe it’s a big golden age!” -Tobias Picker In case you haven’t heard, there is an art song renaissance happening in New York City. From […]

Voicing Concerns About Words and Music

Frank J. OteriPhoto by Melissa Richard It has frequently been said that while it took visual art and literature until the 20th century to embrace the notion of abstraction, music has always been abstract. Yet at the same time, music is often described as the universal language. But when words are added to music, it […]

How do you approach putting music to words?

Corey Dargel“I like to share words and music, but I also want to give people plenty of room to respond to a text in whatever way they might relate to it…” Language Removal Services“Many people would say, not altogether erroneously, that our approach to setting words to music is rather heavy-handed; we just get rid […]

A Cup of Tea with Dawn Upshaw

Dawn Upshaw Across the street from the Metropolitan Operain New York City Thursday, January 3, 2002—11 a.m. Videotaped and transcribed by Amanda MacBlane Singing in American English vs. Other Languages Good Vocal Writing for American English The Balancing Act of Interpretation From Folk Music to a Career Emersion in New Music Stylistic Plurality and Ambiguity […]

OBITUARY: New NEA Chair Michael Hammond, 69

Michael P. HammondCourtesy of Rice University Michael Hammond, confirmed as chairman of the National Endowment for the Arts on Dec. 20, 2001, died last night. He was 69. “It is a tragic loss for our nation that his tenure has been cut so short,” Mark Weinberg, Director of Communications for the Endowment, said in a […]