How do you connect with composers to write new works for you and how does that fit in with your other activities? William Anderson, Guitarist/Composer, Cygnus Ensmble NYC

William AndersonPhoto courtesy of William Anderson The first and foremost reason for the success of Cygnus’ adventurous programs is that all of the six core members (Tara Helen O’Connor, flute; Jacqueline Carrasco, violin; Susannah Chapman, ‘cello; Jacqueline Leclair, oboe; Oren Fader and William Anderson, plucked strings) have input in our programming. Each player has unique […]

How do you connect with composers to write new works for you and how does that fit in with your other activities? Matthew Albert, Violinist, eighth blackbird

Since eighth blackbird is essentially a cover band, we are completely dependent on composers to keep our sound, our passion, our concretizing experiences alive. So finding the right composers, people excited about what we do who are saying something in a way we haven’t heard before, is critical to our career. Two methods of connecting […]

Four Quartets

Frederick KaimannPhoto by Melissa Richard Entering history on the ground floor is an exciting thing, but over time new floors get added beneath as you’re jacked high above the street where you entered. Eventually the hot dog vendors and beggars forget what you look like even if you’re, say, ridiculously fat. So it goes with […]

How do you connect with composers to write new works for you and how does that fit in with your other activities?

Matthew Albert“…Two methods of connecting with composers have worked extremely well for us so far: new music festivals and the Internet…” William Anderson“…We meet composers through our work with Cygnus, and also through our freelance work in New York and elsewhere…” Larry Ochs“…we took a tip from Kronos, went non-profit, and started finding money to […]

Joan Jeanrenaud: A Fourth Approach to Performing Music

Joan JeanrenaudPhoto by Marion Ettinger, courtesy New Albion Records Joan Jeanrenaud talks with NewMusicBox editor Frank J. Oteri at her home in San Francisco, CA, about her unusual post-Kronos career Friday, November 9, 2000 Transcribed by Lisa Kang The Role of the Performer The Electric Cello Standard Cello Repertoire and String Quartet Repertoire A Collaboration-Oriented […]

Finding the Center

Maybe wherever you are—listening, composing, performing, writing and talking about it—is the center of American music.

Michael Torke Remembers James Legg

William Butler Yeats, one of the richest and deepest poets to ever write in the English language, is said to have requested only three words for his tombstone, “Horseman, ride by!” His odd request, I believe, was meant to indicate that though a human life is rich and deep, once gone, it is a disservice […]

Recorded Sound Collections Endangered

Virginia Danielson of the Archive of World Music at HarvardPhoto by Jim Hardin Hundreds of thousands of historic ethnographic audio recordings are in serious danger, according to a recent survey conducted by the Library of Congress. Of the 300 respondents to the Library of Congress national survey, more than three-fourths reported that 25 to 50 […]

Teresa Sterne, 73, Pioneer in Making Classical Records, Dies

Tracey SternePhoto by Gene Maggio The record producer Teresa Sterne died on December 10th at her Manhattan home. Ms. Sterne had been suffering from amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, commonly known as Lou Gehrig’s disease. She was 73. A pioneer of classical recording, one of her most notable successes was with the small budget label Nonesuch, which […]