What are the pros & woes of being a self-taught composer?

Kay Gardner“I created my first composition for piano at age four, and by eighteen I’d composed a full-length musical, but I never thought of myself as a composer, so I didn’t study composition when I went to music school…” Woody Woods“For me, writing music became a passion while I was still in junior high school. […]

Bang On A Can E-Fest Underscores People’s Commissioning Event

Ever wonder about the people who can commission an entire piece of new music? Ever want to be one? Once again, the members of Bang On A Can are demonstrating their dedication to development and innovation in the new music community through their People’s Commissioning Fund project. In a field facing ever-decreasing financial support for […]

Webcasting Royalty Rate Debate Heats Up

With only 26 days left to go, the debate over webcasting royalty rates is heating up on both sides. The Librarian of Congress, James Billington, has until May 21 to accept or reject CARP’s recommended webcasting royalty rates…

PROFILE: Phyllis Curtin

Molly Sheridan: What attracted you to doing so much work in modern repertoire as opposed to specializing in something else? Phyllis Curtin: Well, I think it started when I was first out of college. I graduated from Wellesley in 1943. I was living in Cambridge and working and I knew a variety of composers who […]

PROFILE: Ursula Oppens

Photo by Christian Steiner Molly Sheridan: You’ve achieved quite a reputation in the new music community for your excellent performances, recordings, and commissioning activity. I’m curious about what attracted you to playing that type of music in the first place. As a piano student you could have specialized in many different areas… Ursula Oppens: First […]

PROFILE: John Schaefer

Molly Sheridan: New Sounds, your evening radio show on WNYC, covers a huge range of music. How do you discover all the material you program? John Schaefer: Well, in the beginning, I had to really search out a lot of this music; there was quite a bit of musical sleuthing involved. But as word got […]

2002 Guggenheim Fellowships Awarded

Nine composers and two musical scholars are among the award recipients of the Guggenheim Memorial Foundation‘s seventy-eighth annual United States and Canadian competition. A total of 184 artists, scholars, and scientists were selected from among over 2,800 applicants to receive awards totaling $6,750,000. This year’s awardees include: Composers Robert Livingston Aldridge Louise Beach Nicholas Brooke […]