A Hot Seat for Adams? Speculation Builds About Next Carnegie Composer Chair

John Adams. The Next Carnegie Composer in Residence? John Adams will assume the Composer’s Chair at Carnegie Hall for the 2003-04 season, industry insiders say. Word has it that Adams attended a meeting Tuesday with Carnegie Hall representatives including Artistic Administrator Ara Guzelimian, though Carnegie Hall has as of yet made no official announcement. It […]

A Lesson from Yogi

After he’d miserably flunked a high school exam, Yogi Berra’s disheartened teacher asked him: “Yogi, didn’t you learn anything?” The future baseball Hall-of-Famer replied: “Ma’m, I didn’t even suspect anything.” Like Yogi, no one could ever teach me much of anything. As a young man I figured that the few things I didn’t already know […]

Five Questions with Curtis Roads

Molly Sheridan: There are obviously many new worlds that technology has opened up in music. Do you ever feel like this has taken the humanness out of the performance and creation of it? Will developments like your Creatovox synthesizer help add that element? Curtis Roads: As a musician, I began working with computers in 1972. […]

What are the pros & woes of being a self-taught composer? John Musto

Courtesy Peer Music I am a self-taught composer, assuming the definition is merely that one has had no formal lessons with a teacher of composition. I’m certainly not a self-taught musician. I attended the Manhattan School of Music as a pianist. I studied with Seymour Lipkin, a marvelous musician, and soon after, I met Paul […]