A View from the West: Invented Instruments—Paul Dresher’s Sound Stage

Dean SuzukiPhoto by Ryan Suzuki Last month I offered a broad survey of sound sculptures, invented instruments, their creators, and role in modern music. In this column, I will take a closer look at a single work focusing on newly invented instruments: Paul Dresher‘s Sound Stage—an interdisciplinary music theater piece performed by Zeitgeist, the new […]

View From the East: Animal Instinct

Greg Sandow Warwick, NY: When you read this, it’ll be around Labor Day, time for going back to school, for work, for the concert season, and for other urban pursuits. But I’m writing in the country, on an August night, the air thick with the buzz of insects. So I thought I’d say goodbye to […]

The Time Machine


What I found most remarkable about this month’s assemblage of 56 new recordings is that they are a pretty accurate reflection of how American concert music has evolved over the last century (give or take a few decades).