University Profs. Get Library Pass to New Music

Across America, young music students are being fed a steady diet of the standard repertoire while learning the rudiments of the violin or the oboe. In many cases it’s not until their arrival at a conservatory or university that an opportunity to explore the work of living composers is even offered. Realizing this, Virginia Tidewater […]

Composers/Conductors Face the Orchestra in LA

For composers looking to have their works performed by an orchestra, they might do well to turn to their peers in the conducting field rather than an older and established maestro. That, at least, is the premise behind the newly developed Synergy: Composer and Conductor

Portrait of the Young Man as an Artist

California composer Sebastian Chang is disarmingly articulate and, in addition to being a talented musician, he has a reputation for being something of a comedian. He also happens to be 14 years old.

Sink or Swim: Can Webcasting Survive?

Help it float or let it drown? Over a month ago, the Librarian of Congress announced his webcasting fee structure decision (entered into the Federal Register today). But far from being the last word, the rate debate rages on while smaller webcasters cry foul and close up shop, fearful of the financial liability. Throwing out […]

Tools for Organic Compos(t)ing

“Musical notation is one of the most amazing picture-language inventions of the human animal. It didn’t come into being of a moment but is the result of centuries of experimentation. It has never been quite satisfactory for the composer’s purposes and therefore the experiment continues. Why is this process frowned upon today? Must we alone […]