News In Brief 10/2/02

CISAC 2002 World Congress meets; Gerber commemorates VOA’s 60th anniversary; Carrillo named ACO’s Van Lier Composer Fellow for 2002; Eight composers to participate in the Minnesota Orchestra’ second Composer Institute.

Parlor Music and its Double (With Apologies to Artaud)

“We are part of a harmonized collectivity of consciousness equivalent to a sort of super-consciousness. The earth is not only becoming covered in myriads of grains of thought, but is becoming enclosed in a single thinking envelope, so as to form a single vast grain of thought, the plurality of individual reflections grouping themselves together […]

How do composers use the Web as a creative medium for music? DJ Tamara

Photo Jeff Swisley The capacity for the Web as creative medium is immense. The usefulness to composers is endless. It’s better than blank scorepaper. It is venue, sound source, distributor, collaborator, PR company, living room, toolbox, catalyst, home, canvas, community, clubhouse, sounding board, inspiration, and time-stealer. It is opportunity, freedom, uncharted territory. And it is […]

View From the West: How Do We Judge New Music?

Dean SuzukiPhoto by Ryan Suzuki In a way, I will be preaching to the choir in this column. On the other hand, the point raised is one worth considering or, perhaps more accurately, reconsidering. That which is new, unfamiliar, or outside of the realm what we are comfortable with, that which we do not understand, […]

View From the East: Honest Voice

Greg Sandow Something happened as I got ready to write this column—I thought I got bored with the music I was going to write about. I guess that’s an occupational hazard for critics, since we’re forced to pay attention to all kinds of things, whether we really care about them or not. In this case, […]

Freeze Frame: A Snapshot of Music Making on the Internet

with Paul D. Miller a.k.a. DJ Spooky that Subliminal Kid Paul D. Miller’s Preamble: In an era of intensely networked systems, when you create, it’s not just how you create, but the context of the activity that makes the product. Operating systems, editing environments, graphical user interfaces—these are the keywords in this kind of compositional […]