How does using music notation software affect your music? Walter Thompson

Walter Thompson Photo by Nancy S. Donskoj I am a composer who works with an improvisation/composition system I’ve created called Sound Painting. I was recently asked to compose a Sound Painting for publication. In the process of preparing this piece, I came across some interesting problems using music notation software. The Sound Painting composing/conducting system is […]

How does using music notation software affect your music? Mary Ellen Childs

Mary Ellen Childs Photo by Warwick Green I love using notational software when I write traditionally notated instrumental pieces. However, I also write a lot of music that can’t be notated in any standard notation, mainly because movement is an integral part of my music and I often use invented playing techniques for percussionists. The “scores” […]

View From the West: Experimental Instruments and Sound Sculpture

Dean SuzukiPhoto by Ryan Suzuki Newly invented instruments offer a world of possibilities to composers. There may be a limited number of possibilities in terms of sound production (percussion, vibrating strings, or columns of air, and the like), but the potential forms and sonorous possibilities are virtually limitless. More than a handful of composers, sculptors, […]

View From the East: Second Thoughts

Greg Sandow Disagreement can be fascinating. Take, for instance, the response to my recent column about piracy. I put forth some grand theories, about how piracy serves, in effect, as publicity, without clearly hurting anyone whose music is pirated. Behind those theories lay an unspoken idea, that pirated music is a reality, unlikely to be […]

On The Mark: The State of Digital Music Engraving

Steven PowellPhoto design by Melissa Richard In the beginning, when Ugh came up with a tune that the lovely Ugga found irresistible, his only method of preserving his musical masterpiece for future Uggies involved a sharp rock and a flat surface. As the results of this method proved to be difficult to transportóas well as […]