What can make or break a residency experience? Jason Eckardt

Both artist colonies and their residents share the responsibility for a residency’s success. To me, one of the most important issues is privacy. Colonies should go to great pains to make sure that their residents are not interrupted by phones, faxes, e-mail, staff, other colonists, or noise while they are working. Even the awareness that […]

What can make or break a residency experience? John Duffy

Three things attracted me to The Mesa: 1. I was offered a fee to come and compose. 2. The Mesa offered a quiet house, car, and weekly stipend for groceries. 3. The Mesa arranged three lectures at local schools and opportunities to rehearse my music with local singers, all of which brought me into communities […]

What can make or break a residency experience? David Cleary

I’ve been to eight arts colonies in the U.S. and overseas and have found such experiences invaluable—a godsend to someone like me who has a full-time job and many outside commitments. They’ve allowed me to compose numerous works that otherwise wouldn’t exist. Successful colonies offer four things: good food, a quiet, well-maintained studio space, helpful, […]

Not a Happy Camper

Frank J. OteriPhoto by Molly Sheridan I like to describe myself as an admirer of the great indoors. Whether I’m working on a music article or a piece of my own music, I am at my most inspired either at home, at my office here at the American Music Center, or in a musty used […]

Colonial Legacy: MacDowell Colony Executive Director Cheryl Young


Cheryl Young, executive director of MacDowellPhoto by B.A. King In conversation with Molly Sheridan Videotaped by Amanda MacBlane Transcribed by Randy Nordschow and Frank J. Oteri Beginnings The Application Process The Colony Community Collaborations & The People Behind the Scenes Interacting With the Outside Community Future Plans Read a complete transcript of the interview (104KB […]

Sylvia Goldstein Award Established at Copland House

Sylvia Goldstein with Ned Rorem and others

The establishment of the Sylvia Goldstein Award award was announced at Lincoln Center‘s Clark Studio on February 10 to mark the one-year anniversary of the death of Ms. Goldstein, a tireless advocate who supported the careers of three generations of American composers during a half century in the music business.