Steve Reich on Betty Freeman

Betty Freeman was the recipient of an AMC Founder’s Award although she could not attend the receptionPhoto montage by David Hockney courtesy Betty Freeman As many of you may know, Betty Freeman was unable to come to New York to receive this award but she promises to be in town this September when her show […]

Historical List of American Music Center Award Recipients

Founders Award 2002: Betty Freeman; Lou Harrison (in memoriam) 2001: John Duffy 1999: Elliott Carter Letter of Distinction 2003: George Crumb; Ronald Freed (in memoriam); Kyle Gann; Steve Reich; Wayne Shorter 2002: Henry Cowell (in memoriam); Phyllis Curtin; Sylvia Goldstein, Ursula Oppens, John Schaefer 2001: Donald Erb, Hale Smith, Mark Swed, Lyn Austin (in memoriam), […]

Matthew Shipp on Wayne Shorter

Where do I begin? Wayne Shorter’s influence is so immense in the modern jazz landscape. If you got different people from different aspects of the jazz world together in one room—say fusion musicians, modern new music musicians, mainstream musicians—he’s one of the few people living that they all have in common. People that would usually […]

Ara Guzelimian on George Steel

Ara Guzelimian presents George Steel with the first-ever AMC Trailblazer AwardPhoto by R.J. Capak My best explanation of George Steel is to tell you my favorite George Steel story, which happened not very long ago. I found myself climbing in a belfry at St. Thomas Church on Fifth Avenue looking for the perfect carillon and […]

Meredith Monk on John Zorn

John Zorn received on of the inaugural AMC Trailblazer Awards John Zorn is a person who is a visionary in many, many ways. He always really understands that music-making comes primarily from people; that that’s really what it’s about and he’s done this process and worked with this process over the years in so many […]

The New Music Flame Burns Brightly in Philadelphia

The 2003 Philadelphia Music Project awards distributed $780,000 to 16 non-profit arts organizations, resulting in 15 commissions and performances of works by composers such as Jane Ira Bloom, Uri Caine, Andrea Clearfield, Richard Danielpour, Tiyé Giraud, Kamran Ince, Gerald Levinson, Nicholas Maw, Ikue Mori, James Primosch, Ned Rorem, and Maurice Wright.

Doxology in Lincoln

Periodically, our 2nd Person forum is initiated by a guest. This month, we are honored to have the perspective of Randall Davidson, who is leaving the AMC Board of Directors in July after 16 years of dedicated service. Randall was President of the AMC during a very challenging period, and was instrumental in the resurrection […]