Orchestration: Composers Reveal Tricks of the Trade Daniel D’Quincy

Daniel D’QuincyPhoto from video by Brian Hoopes On the New Art of Orchestral Simulation Oh, ye gods! Have mercy for the innovators. What the world likes least is change, even when the status quo is widely held to be unsatisfactory. Better to go on and on, repeating endlessly all the age-old patterns of tired familiarity, […]

View from the West: American Mavericks on Public Radio

Dean SuzukiPhoto by Ryan Suzuki After much grousing and bellyaching about the pathetic state of affairs at PBS, at least in their music and performing arts programming two columns ago, and the decline of music programming at public radio stations with the ever increasing all news and talk formats in a column sometime last year, […]

View From The East: Critics and the Crisis

Greg Sandow Classical music may be in trouble. Details below. But if this is true, what should music critics do about it? This month seemed like a good time to ask this question, because it’s the month when the Music Critics Association of North America holds its annual meeting (in San Francisco this year, from […]

Orchestration: Composers Reveal Tricks of the Trade Barbara Benary

Barbara Benary On Orchestrating for the Gamelan I began playing Javanese gamelan in graduate school at Wesleyan University in the late ’60s, and about a half dozen years later began adapting my indeterminate and process type pieces for the instruments. Soon after I began composing new pieces specifically for those instruments. My first instinct as […]

Whitaker Reading Session Yields Commission for ACO

Opportunities for composers to hear a piece of their work performed by a professional orchestra are few and far between in today’s world of powerful unions, warhorse repertoire, and reluctant conductors, which is why the American Composers Orchestra‘s Whitaker New Music Readings are so appealing to emerging composers. Each year, up to eight composers are […]