The Trick of Retreating

“My freedom will be so much greater and more meaningful, the more narrowly I limit my field of action and the more I surround myself with obstacles. Whatever diminishes constraints, diminishes strength. The more constraints one imposes, the more one frees one’s self of the chains that shackle the spirit.” —Igor Stravinsky Several years ago […]

What can make or break a residency experience? Scott Winship

Photo by Luba Halicki First and foremost, since we are composers after all, the best things that a residency can offer are time to write and performance opportunities. These, and working with particular teachers, are what I look for out of a residency. Simple, yet vital luxuries that are particularly elusive, especially after one has […]

What can make or break a residency experience? Keeril Makan

The best residency programs provide the all-important combination of time, financial support, work space, and ideally, other interesting artists with whom to interact. Each retreat experience that I have had has been a response to the particular compositional challenge that presented itself at the time. When I spent a year in Helsinki on a Fulbright, […]

Another View on Lou: Lou Harrison—A Personal Publishing Memoir

Don Gillespie with Lou Harrison at Cabrillo, 1982 I have known Lou Harrison both as a personal friend and as a professional colleague in music publishing at C. F. Peters for nearly three decades. Two days before Lou’s death, New York’s Focus Festival (honoring Harrison) had concluded with his rarely heard Elegiac Symphony, devotedly performed […]

What can make or break a residency experience? Jason Eckardt

Both artist colonies and their residents share the responsibility for a residency’s success. To me, one of the most important issues is privacy. Colonies should go to great pains to make sure that their residents are not interrupted by phones, faxes, e-mail, staff, other colonists, or noise while they are working. Even the awareness that […]

What can make or break a residency experience? John Duffy

Three things attracted me to The Mesa: 1. I was offered a fee to come and compose. 2. The Mesa offered a quiet house, car, and weekly stipend for groceries. 3. The Mesa arranged three lectures at local schools and opportunities to rehearse my music with local singers, all of which brought me into communities […]