View From the East: Dog Days Patter

Greg Sandow It’s August, the dog days, and I’m going on vacation the day after I write this. Very tempting just to comment more on things my friends and colleagues (not to mention total strangers) have been saying in the forum on my pages here. I confess I go two ways about that. On one […]

Would you describe yourself as a neo-romantic? Why (not)? Bruce Adolphe

Bruce AdolphePhoto by Christian Steiner Are the emotionally charged harmonic progressions in a Gesualdo madrigal tonal? Are Debussy‘s whole-tone passages or Benjamin Britten‘s mixture of fourths and clusters tonal? Like so many common terms in music, tonality is a terribly abused word, almost as misunderstood as the phrase Classical Music. It is a matter of […]

OBITUARY: Arts Patron Rose “Red” Heller, 105

Rose Heller, a lifelong supporter of art and contemporary music and co-founder of the Picred Heller Foundation (with her husband Ernest “Pick” Heller d. 1998), died peacefully at her home in New York City on Saturday, July 19, 2003. She was 105 years old. Most people referred to Mrs. Heller as Red, but official records […]