What are you looking for in pieces of new piano music? David Korevaar

David KorevaarPhoto courtesy Jecklin Associates When I look at new music, I look for the same traits that I seek in not new music. For example, Brahms impresses because he balances intellect, emotion, and beauty so well. In new music, I want music that sounds well on the piano—music that is conceived for the instrument, […]

OBITUARY: Jazz saxophonist Frank Lowe, 60

Jazz tenor saxophonist Frank Lowe, 60, died September 19, 2003, of complications from lung cancer in New York. Greatly influenced by John Coltrane, he played and recorded with musicians such as Alice Coltrane, Rashied Ali, Sun Ra, Eugene Chadbourne, Don Cherry, Joseph Jarman, Billy Bang, Joe McPhee, and Saxemble, four-saxophone group he founded in the […]

Davidson Fellowship Given to 17-Year-Old Composer

Timothy Andres The Davidson Institute for Talent Development, which is a Nevada-based non-profit organization that has as its mission “…nurturing profoundly intelligent young people,” has awarded Timothy Andres, a gifted composer from Connecticut, one of its fellowships, which includes a $25,000 scholarship. Timothy, who is just beginning his studies at Yale University, has already composed […]

Neo Neo-Romanticism

I’m filled with torment. Is the question this month really whether there is such a thing as neo-romanticism in contemporary music? Does such a term refer to composers who are openly and proudly reactionary, led by Gian Carlo Menotti, alive and kicking at 92? But wait—doesn’t Stockhausen have an ego and artistic agenda bigger than […]