Fa-la-la! New Carols Spread Holiday Spirit

Quick, think of a holiday carol? My psychic abilities tell me that even you, dear NewMusicBox reader, are probably not thinking of anything written in the last ten years. Being that we are currently under a siege of holiday muzak, I might even go so far as to guess that 6 out of 10 of […]

OBITUARY: Meyer Kupferman, 77

Meyer Kupferman Meyer Kupferman, one of America’s most prolific composers, as well as a highly respected music educator and performer, died on November 26, 2003, at Northern Dutchess Hospital near his home in Rhinebeck, New York. He was 77. His career was marked by many triumphs that included an appearance at the White House during […]

How do you balance working in the music business with composing? Michael Ching

Michael ChingPhoto taken at opening night of Verdi’s Masked Ball last February, the same General/Artistic Director, Opera Memphis Not My Own Private Bayreuth Being a composer and running Opera Memphis is fraught with contradictory impulses. On the one hand, one feels instinctively the desire to explore and support new projects; on the other, survival seems […]

View From the West: Clearing Customs in the Choral Community

Rebecca GiacosiePhoto by Sarah Eglin As of late, “choral music” seems to be getting more attention—as if it were a recently discovered entity that has been quietly hiding on the sidelines of “real” concert music. Composers can be divided into categories of “composer” or “niche composer,” with one of the most common niche designations being […]

View from the East: Learning from Nick Hornby

Greg Sandow Nick Hornby‘s Songbook is the most satisfying book on music I’ve read in a long time. Hornby has an advantage, of course, over most music writers, because he’s a real writer, the kind non-music people read, and in fact a novelist (though it’s not really relevant here, two of his books have been […]