Golijov Still ‘Readjusting’ to $500K MacArthur Award

Osvaldo GolijovPhoto by Michael Krasser Jump to the post-announcement Q&A with Golijov Composer Osvaldo Golijov has been named one of 24 new MacArthur Fellows for 2003, The John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation announced October 5. He will receive $500,000 in “no strings attached” support over the next five years. Announcing the awards, Daniel […]

Roulette Forced to Close Loft, Seeks New Home

Rendering of new Roulette concert hall The performance halls of the old music guard may seat thousands, but somehow there’s still not much room for new music. Some might even argue that’s how it should be—new spaces are needed to facilitate new thinking. But new spaces are hard—hard to establish, hard to publicize, and hard […]

Women Only: IAWM 2003 Search for New Music Awards

You may not often see their faces, but there is a large and dynamic community of women composers creating new music. “Not that many women have broken through to attain the status of say a John Adams,” admits Anna Rubin of the International Alliance for Women in Music. “But then again, not that many men […]

Riding the Mother Ship

This month’s issue is one fantastically rich chord. The piano is really more than an instrument; it is also an archetype for music. Whether deeply involved in music or not, most people will find the piano an altar-like place where we confront music at its most elemental. I think a case might be made that […]

Seven New Composers Invited to Copland House

Copland House Copland House announced the recipients of the 2003 Aaron Copland Awards and inaugurated the Sylvia Goldstein Award at a reception in New York’s Steinway Hall last night. Copland House Artistic and Executive Director Michael Boriskin opened the event by thanking the people who had helped “turn Copland House into a creative center for […]

What are you looking for in pieces of new piano music? Mark Wait

Mark WaitPhoto courtesy Vanderbilt University Above all, I seek compositions that expand the boundaries of expression. For me, the most important works in musical history have been those that opened horizons and provided new means of musical expression. In piano music, Beethoven‘s sonatas, Schumann‘s solo piano works, Debussy‘s preludes and etudes, Schoenberg‘s works, and Webern‘s […]