How do music and nature connect in your work? Robert Morris

Robert Morris My Music and the Outdoors As a child I always enjoyed walking outdoors in natural settings such as forests and parks, but in the 1990s I developed a passion for hiking. I’ve especially enjoyed walking in the deserts of the Southwest, in Arizona and Utah. The experience has had an important effect on […]

How do music and nature connect in your work? Richard Lerman

Richard LermanPhoto by John C. Phillips For me, music and nature connect through observation: soundscape to landscape. Most of my work has been created since using piezo electric materials. (In 1977, I made pickups for my piece Travelon Gamelon for amplified bicycles and continue working with them now.) Recording extended soundscapes with piezos, I asked: […]

How do music and nature connect in your work? Cheryl E. Leonard

Cheryl E. LeonardPhoto by Kelly Kirschtner Three Thoughts on the Intersection of Nature and Music HISTORY Lately I’ve been creating music by playing raw tree materials: leaves, bark, pinecones, and so forth. It’s fun to imagine this as an exercise in musical time travel. Before the discovery of tools and the creation of more sophisticated […]

View from Rhode Island: Finding Providence

Daphne Carr Providence, Rhode Island? For three to ten years? These were the back seat questions on my mind when accepting Brown University as the place at which I would do advanced study in ethnomusicology. To me, Rhode Island was a blip on the I-95 between New York City and Boston, a summer destination for […]

How do music and nature connect in your work? Bill Fontana

Bill FontanaPhoto by Oliver Barker My sound sculptures use the human and/or natural environment as a musical information system full of interesting sound events. In designing such real time musical information systems I am assuming that at any given moment there will be something meaningful to hear. I am in fact assuming that music, in […]

How do music and nature connect in your work? John Luther Adams

John Luther Adams in AlaskaPhoto by Cynthia Adams For me, music and nature are one and the same. No matter how clever we think we are, we human animals are an inseparable part of the natural world. Nature is the original source of all human music and all human thought. The landscapes of the North […]

Annea Lockwood Beside the Hudson River

Annea LockwoodPhoto by Nicole Tavenner Tuesday, November 11, 20031:00-2:30 p.m. Garrison, NY Videotaped and transcribed by Randy Nordschow Listening to the Environment Music vs. Other Types of Sound Valuing Acoustic Space Becoming a Composer The Glass Concert Piano Transplants Coming to America The Hudson River Writing for Other Musicians Read a complete transcript of the […]