46th Annual GRAMMY Composer Highlights

LISTEN to a RealAudio except of Casa Guidi The GRAMMY Awards were presented last night during the 46th Annual glitz fest held in Los Angeles. The industry party honored scores of artists and musicians on and off the camera. Once again, awards for classical music and jazz were held prior to the evening event, although […]

International Association for Jazz Education’s 31st Annual Conference Recap

ASCAP’s Fran Richard presents Fred Sturm with his ASCAP/ IAJE Commissioning award in the established composer category. The Gotham Jazz Orchestra performed his composition, “Abstraktes Bild.” The International Association for Jazz Education‘s 31st Annual Conference was held in New York City on January 21-24, 2004. The event attracted jazz performers, educators, journalists, and theorists and […]

Fanfare for the Uncommon Practice

I wonder if a discussion of a contemporary common practice will in not too many more years seem rather quaint and curious. The discussion of this on these pages is quite wonderful, and I think assists our self-knowledge both as individuals and as a community, but I tend to think it is a discussion whose […]

Do you think there is a new common practice in contemporary music? Petr Kotik

Petr Kotik There is no “common practice” in today’s music composition. A “common practice” needs a homogenous environment, which in our time doesn’t exist even within a restricted locality. Many composers use (or imitate, to be more accurate) various styles and have always done so. The style(s) one imitates can only come from the past […]

View from the Three Rivers: Taking Over Town

Andrew Druckenbrod Those outside the classical music business tend to view it as a specialty. That’s certainly been the case for me as a classical music critic. How many times has someone come up to you, whether you’re a composer, performer, administrator and the like, and just assumed you can name whatever piece is playing […]