And the Nominees Are: The 76th Annual Race for Oscar

After looking at the nominees list for the 76th annual Oscar race released this morning, the same ‘Oh, of course,’ reaction hit me once again. No surprises (except perhaps that John Williams didn’t get nominated this year), but who expected one? Still, no need to play ostrich with head buried firmly in sand. Keeping track […]

John Cage Uncaged in the UK

Broadcast Information Cage in his American Context January 16, 2004—7:30 p.m. Barbican Hall LIVE on BBC Radio 3 Shown on BBC4 at 8.30pm Complete program Lawrence Foster, conductor Philip Mead, piano BBC Symphony Orchestra SCHUMAN: New England Triptych CAGE: The Seasons COWELL: Concerto for Piano and Orchestra IVES: Central Park in the Dark ANTHEIL: A […]

12 Composers Receive 2003 Fromm Commissions

Eleanor Cory, Mathew Rosenblum, and Eric Moe (l to r) are among the twelve composers to receive 2003 Fromm Commissions Twelve composers have been awarded $10,000 Fromm commissions from the Fromm Music Foundation at Harvard University. The composers, selected from among the 149 applications received, are: Bruce Christian Bennett (San Francisco, CA) Steven Burke (New […]

On the Nature of Music

The topic of music and nature is open to many perspectives, if only because the breadth of nature includes so much we still do not understand. When I was young I thought that my life’s work would be in the environmental sciences. Deeply influenced by Wendell Berry‘s 1969 book The Long-Legged House, which seems even […]

View from the East: My Atonal Soul

Greg Sandow I learned atonal music because I had to. But don’t worry—I’m not going to write another “composer forced to write atonal music” piece. I wanted to learn atonal music. I was hungry for it. I’d decided in 1969 to become a composer, without much formal music education. So I taught myself, and later—still […]

How do music and nature connect in your work? Robert Morris

Robert Morris My Music and the Outdoors As a child I always enjoyed walking outdoors in natural settings such as forests and parks, but in the 1990s I developed a passion for hiking. I’ve especially enjoyed walking in the deserts of the Southwest, in Arizona and Utah. The experience has had an important effect on […]