The Beaten Path: A History Of American Percussion Music

Nicole V. Gagné In the concert halls of 18th and 19th century Europe, percussion was traditionally regarded as being almost exclusively a secondary aspect of orchestral music—and one best employed with caution. Ironically, this European attitude toward percussion was summed up by an American composer noted for his nationalism. In What To Listen For In […]

Steven Schick: Ready for Anything

Monday, February 16, 2004 11:00 a.m.-noon at the American Music Center Videotaped and transcribed by Randy Nordschow Hundreds of Instruments Drummer or Percussionist? Training and Repertoire Nurturing New Work Percussion and Pitch Specific Techniques Last November, I went down to the World Financial Center to hear Steven Schick play John Luther Adams’s The Mathematics of […]

The Spirit of Percussion

It was in 1939 that John Cage declared, “Percussion music is revolution.” Fifty years later in 1989, he was asked to write a preface for a book about percussion, and it was here that he more thoroughly described a philosophy of percussion as something more than a family of instruments, but as a metaphor for […]

UPDATE: 2nd Annual STUDIO for New Music Composers Competition

Last September, the American Music Center began receiving complaints and inquiries concerning the 2nd Annual International Composers Competition held by STUDIO for New Music. Their concern was due in part to the rather unconventional application system which required that prospective applicants first send in a $40 fee in order to be issued an application number. […]

News In Brief 3/29/04

Composers Selected for first Upshaw/Harbison Workshop at Carnegie Hall; Four Young Composers Land NYYS First Music 21 Commissions; American Erin Gee Among Six IMPULS Commissions

American Academy of Arts and Letters Announces 2004 Music Award Winners

The American Academy of Arts and Letters has announced the recipients of this year’s awards in music. Academy Award in Music—$7500 plus an additional $7500 toward the recording of one work, honors outstanding artistic achievement and acknowledges the composer who has arrived at his or her own voice Miguel Chuaqui Justin Dello Joio Jorge Liderman […]

Art and Technique

I’ve always wished that contemporary music generated the same kind of critical discourse that the visual arts do. In fact, I find that I need to read visual art criticism to get a sense of the real artistic movements that are at play today, and while there may be musicians whose work is along some […]