What role, if any, do you think technology will play in the composition and performance of your music in the next 25 years?

William Duckworth
Photo by Paula Court

Music at the end of the 20th century is on the cusp of a major technological revolution. Unlike previous advances in technology, which centered on new sounds created with new electronic instruments, the next advance will focus on the internet. With the storage and retrieval of music well underway on the Web, some of us are already beginning to develop new virtual instruments and to conceive of ways to facilitate live performances on line. Given the speed at which Web technology is advancing, it seems likely that all composers will soon consider making music on-line a normal part of their creative activities. The Web, of course, will define its own new concert paradigm for music. But already we can see that interactivity will be the watchword, and that the boundaries currently separating composer, performer, and listener will become increasingly blurred. As for my own work, I expect to be highly involved with creating music on the Web, whatever the reigning technology in 2025.