A visit to o.blaat’s webpage will point you to a myriad of interesting sites such as WKCR’s Live Construction archive featuring music, sound work, and radio art from every corner of the globe. Visitors are also given the chance to download a handful of MP3s created by the Brooklyn-based sound artist. An MP3 titled tipsooi begins with a benevolent thunder storm or the synchronized humming of a clandestine air conditioner orchestra, then piercing high-pitched stillness punctured by micro-pops which gets harmonized by something resembling the Emergency Broadcast System’s signature sine tones. This crystalline sonic landscape is visited by tiny insect legs that become giant foghorn-gongs as things finally settle into gentle patterns of periodicity. All the different looping textures move independently, sometimes dancing into the foreground as the music simmers away, its seams occasionally exposed by deliberately spliced-in glitches.


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