The Ravinia Festival: A talk with Zarin Mehta

The Ravinia Festival: A talk with Zarin Mehta

Friday, June 11, 1999
Ritz Carlton Hotel Café (Chicago IL)

Ravinia Festival Ravinia Festival
People entering the Ravinia Pavilion -- photo by Melissa Richard Zarin Mehta -- photo courtesy Ravinia Festival Steins Institute -- photo by Melissa Richard
Ravinia Festival Ravinia Festival

Zarin Mehta – Executive Director and Chief Operating Officer of the Ravinia Festival
Frank J. Oteri – Editor, NewMusicBox

Interview transcribed by Karyn Joaquino

  1. Ravinia’s Beginnings And Now
  2. Introducing Music Through a Summer Festival
  3. Life Before Ravinia
  4. Crossover and New Audiences
  5. The Expansion of the Orchestra Season
  6. The Internet
  7. Developing Younger Performers and New Repertoire
  8. Spare Time
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