John Eaton: Involving Audiences in the Sweep of the Music

John Eaton: Involving Audiences in the Sweep of the Music

John Eaton
John Eaton
Photo by Lloyd DeGrane, courtesy of The University of Chicago Chronicle

August 3, 2000 – 1:00 to 3:30 pm

John Eaton in conversation with Frank J. Oteri
at The American Music Center

Filmed by Jonathan Murphy and David Hughes
Transcribed by Karyn Joaquino

  1. A Non-Theoretical Approach to Microtonality
  2. Writing Microtonal Music and Practical Realities
  3. Audience Perception
  4. The Danger of Simplicity
  5. Communication Through Opera
  6. The Classics vs Popular Culture
  7. American Audiences
  8. Opera and the Vernacular
  9. Opera on Television
  10. Humanizing Electronic Music
  11. A New Type of Opera or Romps for Instrumentalists
  12. Absolute Music vs Music with a Social Function
  13. Getting The Music Out There

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