Joan Jeanrenaud: A Fourth Approach to Performing Music

Joan Jeanrenaud: A Fourth Approach to Performing Music

Joan Jeanrenaud
Joan Jeanrenaud
Photo by Marion Ettinger, courtesy New Albion Records

Joan Jeanrenaud talks with NewMusicBox editor Frank J. Oteri at her home in San Francisco, CA, about her unusual post-Kronos career

Friday, November 9, 2000

Transcribed by Lisa Kang

  1. The Role of the Performer
  2. The Electric Cello
  3. Standard Cello Repertoire and String Quartet Repertoire
  4. A Collaboration-Oriented “Solo” Career
  5. Non-Western Music and Thinking Beyond Notation
  6. Working with Composers and Improvisation
  7. The Rock Music Perspective
  8. Performance as a Physical Process
  9. The Internet
  10. Ice Cello

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