Sea of Nostalgia—Wading Into the Music of Angélica Negrón

These days, Angélica Negrón has settled into a way of working that allows her to reach out in many directions without losing her center of gravity, no matter what genre umbrella she happens to be standing under. “In the end, the music that I like to write is the music I want to listen to,” she says. “And it’s something that you can’t control and you can’t escape.”

Latter Day Synchronisms—The Music of Steven Ricks

A practicing Mormon who is completely attuned to contemporary culture (everything from Thomas Pynchon to videogames and recent pop trends), Steven Ricks creates latter day synchronisms containing some of the most thought-provoking music written this decade.

Keeril Makan—Bodysong

The music of Keeril Makan contains multitudes: pulsating rhythmic gestures, noise and abstraction, beauteous slow-moving harmonies, and long-breathed modal melodies.

Center Stage With Eric Owens

Whether standing center stage under the spotlights or sitting just across a table while chatting over coffee, American bass baritone Eric Owens only has to utter a few lines to have his audience completely entranced.

Gabriel Kahane Cuts the Genre Cord

The list of guest artists gracing Gabriel Kahane’s new self-titled album reads like a Who’s Who of great indie/classical/pop/chamber wherever-you-want-to-file-it performers, musicians linked by a shared creative impulse.

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