Sharing Secrets—The Enigmatic Music of Molly Thompson

On stage, Molly Thompson’s music comes across as honestly raw and yet sophisticatedly crafted, filled with intimate lyrics and intriguing cross-genre influences. Off stage, she’s disarmingly forthcoming—the kind of woman you could easily think of as your best friend after a 15-minute conversation. Still, her musical personality seems to draw a curtain around some more mysterious internal characters, and it keeps her audiences on their toes.

Play It Again, Jenny Lin

Whether it’s the grandiose sweep of a Chopin etude or a defiant new piece by a little-known young composer, Jenny Lin dedicates every ounce of her musical prowess to deliver knock-‘em-dead performances.

The Complexity of Jason Eckardt

Jason Eckardt is a composer who produces scores of frighteningly complex notation; who counts Schoenberg, Coltrane, Stockhausen, Ferneyhough, and Lachenmann among his primary influences; and who got his start in music as a guitarist in a metal band.

The Sonic Poetry of Michael Djupstrom

Pianist and composer Michael Djupstrom may have been born in 1980, but don’t come to his work expecting trendy, genre-bending, “I want my MTV!” sonic pop-culture references.

Inside Anna Clyne’s Sonic Paint Box

A chat with British-born, New York-based composer Anna Clyne about musical life on both sides of the pond, the unique places she finds her electronic sounds, and how writing for the orchestra is not so different from writing for the studio.

The Passion of Garrett Fisher

Deeply influenced by Asian and Middle Eastern timbres and acting styles, Seattle-based composer Garrett Fisher has created nearly a dozen mixed-media stage shows which integrate his own myriad influences along with those of his many collaborators.

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