David Bruce: Accidental American

Connecticut-born David Bruce has been based in England since he was six weeks old but his extremely independent-minded compositions have a great deal in common with much of the music being created here today and continues to grab attention at many of America’s most high-profile venues.

Going Underground with Amy X Neuburg

Combining her own powerful voice with her arsenal of electronic gear and the talents of The Cello ChiXtet, Amy X Neuburg has put together 13 songs that, each in their own unique way, speak to “the inane and perpetually unfinished business of love and war—and New York.”

Ruby Fulton—Write What You Like, Take Delight. Repeat.

Ruby Fulton radiates a sort of “ask me anything” energy, so when the Baltimore-based composer stopped by the Counterstream studio to chat about her work, questions were fired and she unloaded the details behind some of the stories that have inspired her and the philosophies underneath the musical choices she’s made.