Duane Pitre—Discipline and Freedom

Pitre writes music that just sounds good. The tuning schemes he uses are not the ends themselves; rather, they serve to further open up the acoustic worlds that can be elicited from the instruments, creating a rich, meditative space for listening.

Shodekeh—Air Friction

You could call Shodekeh (a.k.a. Dominic Earle Shodekeh Talifero) a beatboxer or a vocal percussionist, if you want to feel a little more refined about it. But what the Baltimore-based musician seems to be more than anything is a chameleon, breathing out entire rhythm and bass tracks and blending them into a borderless range of performance situations.

David Bruce: Accidental American

Connecticut-born David Bruce has been based in England since he was six weeks old but his extremely independent-minded compositions have a great deal in common with much of the music being created here today and continues to grab attention at many of America’s most high-profile venues.

Going Underground with Amy X Neuburg

Combining her own powerful voice with her arsenal of electronic gear and the talents of The Cello ChiXtet, Amy X Neuburg has put together 13 songs that, each in their own unique way, speak to “the inane and perpetually unfinished business of love and war—and New York.”