Tania León: What it Means to be an American Composer

Although raised in Cuba, Tania León was born into a family that had roots from all different parts of the globe. Since arriving in the United States, where she has been based since 1967, she has come to realize that her own multicultural heritage is what makes her a quintessentially American composer.

The Ravinia Festival: A talk with Zarin Mehta

During his tenure as the President and CEO of The Ravinia Festival, Zarin Mehta (would would later become Executive Director of the New York Philharmonic), explained the delicate balancing act of presenting live music, a balancing act which is sometimes at odds with the presentation of new music.

Foster Reed of New Albion Records

One of the original “indie-classical” labels, San Francisco-based New Albion Records defined the West Coast Sound and helped to launch the careers of John Adams, John Luther Adams, Ingram Marshall, Paul Dresher, Stephen Scott, Chen Yi, Sarah Cahill, David Tanenbaum, Margaret Lang Tan, and many others. New Albion’s founder Foster Reed explains the label’s philosophy.

The Who and Why of Bang On A Can

For the premiere issue of NewMusicBox (May 1999), the three founders of Bang on a Can–Michael Gordon, Julia Wolfe, and David Lang–met at ASCAP for a lengthy conversation with Frank J. Oteri, Richard Kessler, and Fran Richard about the current state of new music.

Dave Liebman: Unabashed Eclectic

Saxophonist, composer, band leader, and one-time Miles Davis sideman Dave Liebman talks about the changing directions in jazz during his four decades involved in the scene.

Steve Reich in Conversation with Richard Kessler

In this 1998 interview, which was the blueprint for “In The First Person” (and subsequently “Cover”) on NewMusicBox, Steve Reich reflects on the changes in the music scene that had occurred over the past thirty years. “Thirty years ago I had just returned to New York City from San Francisco. [...] At that time, everybody was under the influence of music that was not ‘pulsitile,’ [not with a regular beat]. You can’t tap your foot to either Boulez or John Cage.”

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