The Sonic Poetry of Michael Djupstrom

Pianist and composer Michael Djupstrom may have been born in 1980, but don’t come to his work expecting trendy, genre-bending, “I want my MTV!” sonic pop-culture references.

Inside Anna Clyne’s Sonic Paint Box

A chat with British-born, New York-based composer Anna Clyne about musical life on both sides of the pond, the unique places she finds her electronic sounds, and how writing for the orchestra is not so different from writing for the studio.

The Passion of Garrett Fisher

Deeply influenced by Asian and Middle Eastern timbres and acting styles, Seattle-based composer Garrett Fisher has created nearly a dozen mixed-media stage shows which integrate his own myriad influences along with those of his many collaborators.

Jennifer Higdon: Down to Earth

If ever there was a spokesperson who could clearly describe what this field is to folks who are not a part of it and get them excited to learn more about it, it’s Jennifer Higdon.

John Morton’s Music for Music Boxes

Composer John Morton has taken the timbre of the plucked metal tines of a music box and—by juxtaposing them, electronically processing them, and physically altering them—discovered a very personal vernacular.

Charles Wuorinen: Art and Entertainment

Charles Wuorinen’s diatribes are still as polemical as ever, but he brings a passion and conviction to all of his arguments, and his remarkably prolific six-decade output as a composer is artistically and intellectually rich as well as often entertaining.