Adam Guettel: On The Road

Composer Adam Guettel is trying to reinvent the musical theatre, and, if anyone out there can make such a thing happen, it’s him.

He Said, She Said: Zhou Long and Chen Yi

HE SAID, SHE SAID: Chen Yi and Zhou Long talk about how they’ve come to blend Chinese and Western classical compositional philosophies and sonorities as well as how they interact with each other as composers and spouses.

Orchestra Summit 2006

Orchestra Summit 2006

No one denies that we all want performances of new orchestral work that composers, musicians, and their audiences will look to with pride and satisfaction. Six key industry players discuss ways of reaching that goal and the hurdles that remain in our path.

Ned Rorem At Home

Words seem to flow effortlessly from composer and essayist Ned Rorem, as do frequently biting comments, which we discovered when we spoke with him shortly after the world premiere of his opera, Our Town.