Center Stage With Eric Owens

Whether standing center stage under the spotlights or sitting just across a table while chatting over coffee, American bass baritone Eric Owens only has to utter a few lines to have his audience completely entranced.

Gabriel Kahane Cuts the Genre Cord

The list of guest artists gracing Gabriel Kahane’s new self-titled album reads like a Who’s Who of great indie/classical/pop/chamber wherever-you-want-to-file-it performers, musicians linked by a shared creative impulse.

Gloria Coates: Beyond the Spheres

Despite having a career that has spanned five decades, two continents, and 15 symphonies, Gloria Coates remains a largely unknown quantity on these shores after years of success in Europe. It would seem, however, that the Atlantic tides are turning.

Decoding Ken Ueno

Ken Ueno is a man comfortable with a gear shift—a composer of music that thrills with its interior complexity in one case and probes the ear deeply with a simple overtone vocal line in the next. He is also as likely to pick up the inspiration for his work inside a candy store and a childhood memory as in the text of Calvino, Beckett, or Joyce.