Remembering Jeffery Cotton (1957-2013)

Jeffery Cotton—composer, entrepreneur, essayist, and fiction writer—has left us with a trove of darkly hued, deeply lyrical works that can be heard as a film noir soundtrack evoking the deceptively sunny Los Angeles of his childhood filtered through the haunted German expressionism he encountered as a student of Henze. But an artist’s life is not wholly contained in finished works.

Kronos Quartet Welcomes New Cellist Sunny Jungin Yang

The Kronos Performing Arts Association announced today that the Kronos Quartet will welcome a new cellist, Sunny Jungin Yang, to the ensemble this June. Yang will succeed Jeffrey Zeigler, who has performed with the quartet for the past eight seasons and will step down from the group this May.

My Only Mentor, Butch Morris (1947-2013)

It wasn’t about music in any technical sense, but really more in a social sense: How music fit into his life, how he created community, what he cared about, what he didn’t care about, and so on. The fact that Butch was fun, charming, a great person to travel with, to dine and drink with, and to hang with is something everyone who knew Butch can speak to. I would like to speak to two singular aspects of Butch’s contribution to music since he came on the scene in the ‘70s: community and conduction.

Yo-Yo Ma Awarded $100,000 Vilcek Prize

The Vilcek Prize for the Arts, this year focusing on the field of contemporary music, has been awarded to cellist Yo-Yo Ma. James Abrahart, Samuel Bazawule, and Tigran were named the winners of the three Vilcek Prizes for Creative Promise in Contemporary Music, each receiving a $35,000 cash award.

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