Field Reports

Seattle: Spicing Things Up

The Seattle Chamber Players not only sold out its performance of Astor Piazzolla’s opera, María de Buenos Aires, but could barely accommodate a second audience which eagerly paid for tickets to the morning’s dress rehearsal. Why so popular?

Atlanta: Branching Out Beyond the Borders

New music group Bent Frequency concluded their season with a concert at Eyedrum on May 8, titled (Bang Fist). Within the first half of the program, Stuart Gerber offered two interesting solo performance art pieces: Bang Fist, a short, early text by John Cage which eventually appeared in his piece 45′ For a Speaker, and Giorgio Battistelli’s Il Libro Celibe which has a score that is essentially pictures. The “libro” is a large, briefcase-like box that the performer opens in the manner of a book, each “page” being a rather flat “instrument,” such as a piece of paper, cellophane, metal, or a sound-making construction.

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