Field Reports

Scene Scan: Austin, Texas

In the face of the cultural behemoth that is Austin’s bar/club scene, a handful of dedicated composers, performers, and promoters have succeeded in building a small but vibrant new music community, grabbing the attention of the wider Austin arts scene along the way.

The Field Trip to End All Field Trips

Concerts celebrating Steve Reich’s seventieth birthday are being staged around the globe this year so I thought it would be fitting for western Michigan to contribute to the party. But first, a field trip to set the tone.

Scene Scan: Bridging Streams in Portland

In recent years, Portland has earned a reputation as one of the capitals of indie rock, but the city also reverberates to a surprisingly robust “new music” / postclassical music undercurrent.

Scene Scan: New Music in Central PA

South of the Poconos, west of Philly, and way east of the Iron City: To those more accustomed to large urban hubs, it might feel like the middle of nowhere, but music fans have a wide range of options here in Central PA.

Portland: A Kyr for Insomnia

Robert Kyr enjoys a windfall of premieres and performances that tests the 54-year-old composer’s self-asserted ability to get by on a couple hours of sleep per night.

San Francisco: Watch That Scene

Slomo Video, the brainchild of video artist Ryan Junell, is made up of one-minute videos, all very slow, made by a total of 85 artists from all over the country.