Field Reports

Critical Improv Intensive

Does improvised music open a door to possibilities for social change? And if that’s the case, shouldn’t more people be paying attention?

The Suffering Artist: Not Something to Aspire To

Performance injury among musicians is an issue of no small matter: a recent study identified that as much as 65 percent of the music student population suffers from a performance injury. But spreading awareness among composers of the potential that compositions may have on performer’s bodies is in its infancy.

NewMusicBoxOffice: Turducken

There are plenty of reasons to leave the house in November, so let’s expend some energy before that end-of-the-month collective spike in tryptophan-levels that will likely leaves us passed-out on the sofa all night.

NewMusicBoxOffice: Come Outside and Play

Yes, the official concert season doesn’t kickoff for another month, but there’s no reason to throw in the towel because there are plenty of ear-tickling events going on, even in this most musically arid month we call August.

Creating Anna Karenina

At a time when opera companies experience increasing pressure to maximize ticket sales, a number of deep breaths were drawn in the Marketing Department in 2000 when Florida Grand Opera commissioned a new opera for its first season in Miami’s new opera house.