Field Reports

Light Bulb

Four caucus meetings are taking place during NPAC (two down, two to go); these are the conference participants’ opportunities to voice our thoughts on the “challenges and opportunities” facing the arts in America today.

NPAC is Very Large

I just arrived at NPAC, a Major Arts Event about which you’ll be able to read many impressions from many observers on NewMusicBox this week.

National Performing Arts Convention 2008: Reporting Live From Denver

If you can’t find your favorite performing artist or arts presenter this week, check to see if they have packed their bags and headed for Denver. Don’t worry, they’ll return to you at the end of the week—hopefully armed with some new ideas and new connections formed during the National Performing Arts Convention 2008. We’ll do our best to keep you up to date with daily reports posted here on NewMusicBox, so check back often.

John Brown: Evolution of An Opera

One opera director said that he would not be able to fund the work because his board told him that “John Brown was not a very nice man.” As if Boris Godunov, Macbeth and many other operatic subjects were “nice men”!

NewMusicBoxOffice: The Other Merry Month

Along with the nice weather, the month of May brings those final exams one step closer, makes graduation seem like it might actually happen, and, of course, provides tons of concerts to distract all you students and non-matriculating music-lovers from your daily grind.

NewMusicBoxOffice: Extramusical Marketing At Its Very Best

I don’t know if concert presenters are sensing a mid-season fatigue on the part of concertgoers, but March seems to be shaping up into a heavily theme-driven month for new music here in the Big Apple. Whether or not you’re a fan of these gimmicky strategies for packaging a concert, in the end it’s still all about the music, plus the marketing department gets to have a little fun, too.