Field Reports

Make Your Own Rules: Notes on Composition from John Corigliano

As holder of Juilliard’s 2009 William Schuman Scholars Chair, Corigliano
presents two free lectures this year. For the first-which, thanks to the
Juilliard School, is made available here for on-demand
streaming-Corigliano offers an in-depth look at his approach to building
a piece of music.

Ask Your Mama!: Five Questions for Laura Karpman

Ask Your Mama! will premiere at Carnegie Hall on March 16 as part of the Honor! Festival, a celebration of the African American cultural legacy curated by Jessye Norman. We saw the trailer and heard some rumors about a tone row, and just had to ask the work’s composer, Laura Karpman, a few questions.

In Memoriam

Steven L. Rosenhaus was an undergraduate music student at Queens College when he began private composition lessons with George Perle, and Christian Carey studied with Lukas Foss at Boston University during 1995-96; both offer memories of their mentors.

The Quest for the Crimson Grail

The reason that I volunteered for A Crimson Grail was simple: I wanted to participate in something that I had never experienced before, and could experience in no other way.

Required Listening: The New Albion Festival

If I were going to imagine the perfect summer music festival, it would be pretty much identical to the New Albion festival at SummerScape, which runs through August 10th in the Spiegeltent at Bard College.

Inescapable Creativity: Composing 365

Every day for the past year David Morneau has produced a new 60-second composition and distributed it via the Internet. His personal creative marathon is over on June 30, 2008, when he’ll post his last composition in this series.

The Final Review

NPAC is over, and the three chief missions with which we’ve been tasked—impress communities with our relevance, improve arts education, and increase diversity—are broad but by no means insurmountable goals.