Field Reports

Garrett Fisher—At the Hawks Well

There is a fluid back and forth motion across continents and centuries that impresses when it comes to the work of Garrett Fisher. It’s showcased once again in his latest piece At the Hawks Well.

Suzanne Fiol (1960-2009)

By Christopher McIntyre
Known to all as a fiercely passionate advocate, ISSUE Project Room Founder and Artistic Director Suzanne Fiol’s passing is an utterly profound loss for the experimental arts community.

Remembering Leon Kirchner: Anxiety, Restlessness, and Ecstasy

Somehow it still seems fitting that I should always associate my apprenticeship with Leon Kirchner with the stormy years of the late sixties and early seventies, an era full of anxiety, restlessness and ecstasy; those are words that pretty much sum up Leon’s music.

Remembering Dina Koston

On Saturday, August 29, Dina Koston’s friends and colleagues gathered at Bradley Hills Presbyterian Church in Bethesda, Maryland, for a memorial concert of both her music and music she loved.

Looking Up At Joe Maneri

Those of us who were close to Joe Maneri will need to adjust to life without his infinitely expressive face, the sound of his voice, and the access we were accustomed to having to his acute mind and compassionate soul.