Field Reports

Keeping Portland Creative

Portland boasts a wide variety of festivals, new music ensembles, and presenters, as well as a host of artists young and old who are finding new audiences for their music through creative programming and new approaches to communicating with the public.

As Ever, Milton

A vast swath of America’s most distinguished composers studied with Milton Babbitt; that they are all different is a testimony to his teaching.

In Rehearsal, October 23 – 31

The BroadBand is one such labor of love, a project that on the one hand requires an enormous commitment of time and energy—but on the other promises an experience that is worth twice the work. What’s better than performing with these old friends, participating in the premieres of exciting new works, traveling internationally?

An Interview with Carlos Sanchez-Gutierrez

For me, performing the music of Carlos Sanchez-Gutierrez is risky. To say that his works are touchy is an understatement—in performance, they have the feel, for me, of being held together only on faith. Irregular patterns, unexpected accents, and awkward grace notes give the impression of a mechanism operating near its breaking point.