Aurore from the Crowd

Composer/guitarist Bruce Arnold’s adventurous comprovisations, which straddle the line between jazz and so-called contemporary classical music, have led him down the path of uptown serialism in the past, e.g. a series of 12-tone heads on the appropriately titled trio CD A Few Dozen and even covers of Webern with the group Spooky Actions, although neither […]

Sperry and Foil

Here’s a gem of a download from Donna Summer, uh, I mean Jason Forrest. Despite the fact that “Sperry and Foil” has been kicking around the Cock Rock Disco site for a while now, as well as appearing on Forrest’s latest EP titled Lady Fantasy, the track is still available as an MP3 in its […]


Though he’s no stranger to the studio, this is the first disc of Damon Holzborn’s to come my way. On this outing, the founding member of the experimental/improv Trummerflora collective abandons his guitar for the world of solo electronic manipulation. From a video game in hyper drive to what could easily be mistaken for closely […]

three trains

Known simply as Quiet American to most, sound artist Aaron Ximm has been instrumental in shining a spotlight on field recordings, minimal sounds, and digital music that melds these strategies together though his successful Field Effects series in San Francisco. His website is a treasure trove of information about the artist, the concert series, and […]

String Quartet No. 2

Eschewing more traditional, Italianate nomenclature for movement titles like “Chaser,” “Plucker,” and “Grinder” is but the first indication that Nathaniel Stookey’s String Quartet No. 2 is a decidedly 21st century sort of composition. Add to these stylistic references to video arcades and some of his favorite pop songs and you have Musée Mécanique. His working […]

Broken Cries

I’ve always been a sucker for cello ensemble pieces. There’s something really appealing about having a big group of people all playing the same instrument, and it works more effectively with cellos than most instruments—tons of flutes are cool but there’s only so low you can go and a bunch of pianos are cool to […]

Chicken Jiggler Peady

I became an instant Blevin Blectum fan back when she and Kevin Blechdom performed a concert in a Mills College bathroom. Since then, she’s continued to tweak sampler knobs and laptop trackpads, coaxing extraordinary sounds and frenetic beats into a whimsical, self-referential landscape that never sits still. I ran across an excerpt of Blectum’s “Chicken […]


Craig Hella Johnson & Company of VoicesI’ve never understood people who could throw a CD in the stereo and go to sleep. Even at my most exhausted, my ears will not disengage from the sound long enough to let my mind wander off to dreamland. Still, as a veteran insomniac, I’m always on the lookout […]

Trio for Cello and Digital Processor

Bridge’s new CD of music by Tom Flaherty was my introduction to this L.A.-based cellist/composer. While the disc offers a variety of chamber music combinations including two duets for two pianos, the piece I find myself coming back to most is his 1991 Trio for Cello and Digital Processor (which should be a duet right?). […]


A visit to o.blaat’s webpage will point you to a myriad of interesting sites such as WKCR’s Live Construction archive featuring music, sound work, and radio art from every corner of the globe. Visitors are also given the chance to download a handful of MP3s created by the Brooklyn-based sound artist. An MP3 titled tipsooi […]