New Music for Learning

music and learning

Has an experience with music ever helped you to better understand or appreciate an idea, a realm of knowledge outside of music itself, or some other aspect of life? Have you observed this happening for others? What elements of the musical content and/or its presentation do you think made that experience particularly effective?

Tasting Notes

A group of people sitting around a table wearing headphones and sipping whisky.

Studies show that loud sounds dull our sense of taste, which may explain why airplane food tastes so bland, and why people order more tomato juice on planes, as umami flavors are the most resilient to volume.

Close Listening: Music and Power

Electricity Substation

Systemic bias is nowhere near its death throes and we all need to be vigilant against it. Be mindful of what you vote for with your dollars and your attention.

Close Listening: Music and Race

Open Sign Through The Glass Of Window

It should make us all deeply uncomfortable how white the new music scene is. We must address the fact that we are missing out on certain new music because it is being classified for different communities, or not being classified at all.

Close Listening: Music and Us

headphones and the sea

Is the idea that musicians should be allowed to participate fully in our country’s economy unrealistic? A meditation on reversing the devastating effects that the digital age has wrought.

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