Power of the Project-Based Life

jenga playing

To thrive in the 21st century, we need to rethink our philosophies around how we conceive of success and our methods of making money. What would it look like if we all changed the way we view our careers? What would music schools look like if we changed the way we message vocation?

Choosing the Three-Letter Response Over the Two-Letter One

The concert at the Congregation Shaar Hashomayim showing the members of the orchestra in front of a film projection and the audience.

There was a very distinct point at the beginning of my composing career when a decision changed absolutely everything for me. My future would take time to pan out, of course, but at the moment when I chose the three-letter response instead of the two-letter one, an entirely new career path was set into motion.

The Case for Radio

Car Stereo

How do you define radio in this day and age of digital platforms? If you were in charge of a new music radio show, 24/7 stream, or podcast, what would you include?

An Ode to Community

Speaking Together

The Seattle new music community is exploring new ways they can support one another. What’s working in your community?

Overthinking Genre

Container yard

It can feel impossible to label and organize the diversity of music that falls under the “new music” heading. Does that hurt our advocacy for the music we care about?

What I Didn’t Learn in Music School


In the trenches of balancing one too many ensembles, practice time, class, papers, group projects, and more practicing, it can be hard to stomach the thought of adding something else. But there are a few other things may want to make sure you learn while you’re still in school.

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