Gluttony, Starvation, or Bulimia

Over the years I’ve been accused of listening to too much music, as if we could determine such an amount the way a dietician determines the proper daily calorie requirements for healthy living.

Hit Me Baby One More Time (Please!)

How long has it been since you’ve been completely blown away by a new piece of music? And by completely blown away, I mean you underwent an utter transformation, everything was earth-shatteringly different afterwards, and now, following a considerable amount of soul searching, an absolute epiphany has hit—or something along these lines anyway.

Knowing Your Limitations

Why would a “classically trained” composer, complete with a Ph.D. and a list of works and performances that many of us would envy, need help writing music for young wind players and percussionists?

The Friday Informer: How Hip Do Ya Wanna Be?

We’re playing a little PowerBook, drooling over Elliott Carter as cover boy, financing 365 days of composition, and marking the death of Mozart’s last contemporary. All of these and more this week in the new music news you can use.