Third Rock from the Sun

The premise of Tonic’s new rock complexity festival last week was to highlight the ever porous boundary between rock and, for lack of anyone’s better term, contemporary classical music. But as exciting and as new as much of this music sounded, is this really a new idea?

Above It All

Is it possible that today’s collective unconsciousness gives classical music more respect than it actually deserves?

Just In Case Somebody Gives You a Lot of Money

You may recall that the Yale School of Music’s
hundred-million-dollar endowment was one of the biggest news stories of
last year among our kind. The even bigger story was what that endowment
would be used for.

Finding Time

For some reason, the summer seems to have become as busy as the rest of the season: concerts (both in and out of town), award ceremonies, receptions, you name it.

Bio Hazards

If you haven’t read Randy Nordschow’s piece on composer bios, read it right away (then come back here immediately). It’s great—so great that I couldn’t resist ganking his subject for further exploration.