The Walk After the Talk

Peter Sellars’s remarkable keynote address at the American Symphony Orchestra League Conference is now available for anyone to listen to online, but what will be its ultimate impact.

Our Kid Was In Heaven

Last Wednesday my husband and I took our three year old to her first concert—the annual Garden of Memory Summer Solstice Concert in Oakland. There was no rule as to whom or where you listened, and our kid was in heaven.

The Strength of Flexibility

When it comes to your music, offering performers and presenters a certain amount of flexibility has its advantages. What are you doing to make your compositions more versatile?

Performance Enhancement

Every now and then, I run across a piece of information that completely rocks my world, only to find that everybody on my block already knows all about it. I don’t know whether the use of beta blockers in classical music performance is common knowledge, but I find this genuinely alarming.

The Friday Informer: Did you know…

Farewell Ligeti, lyrebird does chainsaw impersonation, the dish on net neutrality, iPod news (human rights violations and…; death of…). Plus: Stump LaLa! This could take a while…