Performance Enhancement

Every now and then, I run across a piece of information that completely rocks my world, only to find that everybody on my block already knows all about it. I don’t know whether the use of beta blockers in classical music performance is common knowledge, but I find this genuinely alarming.

The Friday Informer: Did you know…

Farewell Ligeti, lyrebird does chainsaw impersonation, the dish on net neutrality, iPod news (human rights violations and…; death of…). Plus: Stump LaLa! This could take a while…

News Music

So who’s writing In Memoriam Abu Musab al-Zarqawi? Come on. I’m sure it’s at least crossed somebody’s mind.

Context is Everything

The Knights played a concert at the visually stunning Angel Orensanz Center called Rewind which I should have loved, but they never stopped playing.

Why Are Kids Better?

Time again and again I have witnessed concert halls packed with avid followers for youth orchestras and often these ensembles have better precision and musicality than many adult community orchestras.